Huawei repair via testpoint

For Android 8 and newer

Phone must be connected via testpoint and visible in device manager in Ports section:

  1. Choose “Fastboot/Xloader (Hisilicon only) option from phone connectivity

2. Click on “Fastboot/Xloader” tab and agree to terms if you wish to continue

3. Choose correct loader according to your mobile’s CPU and click “Read phone info”

4. Wait for mobile to be detected

5. Enter new numbers, set new settings, change options you wish to repair (leave fields empty for those that you do not want to repair)

This step not needed for Kirin K970, K960, K955, K950, K659, K658, all newer phone models will require certificate selection.

To repair IMEI click on folder icon, select certificate from HCU directory … Backup/certificates. Certificates appear there after reading phone info on Ultimate NCK Huawei.

6. Put a check mark on “reboot after repair” option (this will work only if phone was put in testpoint via hardware methodhow to exit software testpoint after repair), now can proceed by pressing “Repair” button

7. Now just wait for repair to complete, phone restarts to homescreen